Turtlebot3 platform, powered and ready to operate, equipped with camera and advanced lidar.

Robotics Design Service

Special AI-supported robot designs with high value-added mobility capabilities for the education and hospitality industry.

 Roboticca: Leading Ai Based Educational Robotics

 Roboticca helps you integrate cutting-edge humanoid and mobile robots to add value to your research institution or company and reach your goals outstandingly. Since 2019, we develop state-of-the-art robots specially designed to solve your needs.

Empowering Lives With Autonomous Machines
We envision a world with highly autonomous machines connected and coordinated in a streamlined way automating a significant portion of the quality, ai destekli and funny work.

Roboticca is made up of a team of passionate engineers who design, develop and customise service robots to help you take your organisation to the next level.