About Us

Roboticca started in 2019, when a small group of engineers built the first fully autonomous ai educational humanoid robot in Europe (Türkiye). With over 5 years of experience in R&D, today we are known for our humanoid and mobile robots used for education, research, logistics, retail and social applications for schhols, universities, companies, government, inovation centers, institutions and labs.

Our Core Purpose:
Empowering Lives With Connected Machines
Based on our core value of empathy we strongly believe that the dirty, dull, and dangerous work should be automated and people should be given an option to take up more intellectually challenging and creative work. We want to enable this automation with machines that are connected and coordinated in a streamlined manner.

Our Core Values
Core Values are a handful guiding principles we use when making all decisions including the ones on people, processes, and products.



We walk the extra mile to better understand the material, emotional, and intellectual needs and pain of our customers, colleagues, and communities.


We make sure all our data, decisions, and work are transparent. We actively seek out to include diverse points of view and collaborate to produce better results.

First Principles

We break things down to its fundamental truths and reason up from there to build optimal and authentic solutions.


With a holistic understanding and attention to detail, we reduce and organize to keep things accessible and nimble.


We are committed to our core purpose of empowering lives with connected machines. We keep learning to get better at what we do and give each other the autonomy to operate.


We take big and calculated risks without agonizing and create an environment that is safe to fail. We speak up when things are inconsistent with our core values.

Mission Statement
We are a trusted supply chain integration partner committed to providing our clients a competitive advantage by designing and delivering world-class distribution and production solutions.Our people are the foundation of this commitment. Our collaborative culture promotes integrity, inclusion, and innovation providing opportunities to learn, grow, and make an impact.

ismail NAMLI

ismail NAMLI

Founder of Roboticca

STEAM Education Association, a program funded by the Republic of Korea that pioneers the training of robotic coding instructors, enabled the training to be carried out in Turkey. The same institution organized the STEAM CUP robotics competition in Turkey in 2019. He has been carrying out robotics projects in the education technologies sector since 2017, developing new education platforms and supporting Başakşehir Living Lab. Graduated from Çukurova University, Geological Engineering.