Robotics Design

Our engineers have contributed to the technology of robotic design and development of a variety of robotics systems including robots for education, hotel applications and hospitality. Oftentimes in support of the product, the application requires an external system level development in order to support safety, communication, battery charging and package handling. Roboticca has experience designing and developing many of the peripheral technologies required to support such applications..

Full Turn-Key Product Development
Depending on our client’s needs, Roboticca provides both full turn-key product development services as well as individual project tasks. In addition to providing product development and regulatory testing services, The Tri-Star team of program managers, engineers, and scientists all hail from some of the most respected robotic companies located in the Boston area. Their breath of experience coupled with a team approach provides our customers with expedient and innovative design solutions.

Robotic Design Project Examples

Educational Robot

Programmable and modular robots used in ROS-based R&D projects in pre-school, primary school, secondary school, high school and university level robotics coding courses. Also basic platforms used in robotics competitions

Service Robot

Service robots that perform autonomous tasks such as carrying food and packages in places such as hotels, airports, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, shared public areas and shopping malls.

Representative Robot

Robots that meet and talk to customers in all kinds of public areas, hotels, schools, universities, shopping malls, and provide services such as guidance and promotion services with a natural speech module with AI support.

Assistant Robot

Robots designed for desktop use, with an AI module with limited mobility, that talk to their owner online or offline, support their questions using web services, and have modular packages on topics such as assistant teaching.